October 1, 2012

Band: Booked!

Most couples might consider a full band as a “nice-to-have”, but for Mox, it was a non-negotiable thing. He is willing to lessen our budget for other suppliers just to have musicians at our reception, and not just any ordinary wedding singers, mind you. Oh no, he doesn’t want any strings, a DJ, or even an acoustic group. He wants a full-on, show band! Concert kung concert ang drama niya. Haha!

So now I had to search for affordable but seasoned bands for our reception. Composed Band was actually on the top of my list. I've heard a lot of great reviews about them from W@W, and I learned that they also allow the audience to come up on stage and sing ala rockeoke style. This could actually be a hit for our guests since most of our friends are also part of a band and would love a chance to rock and roll on stage. Hehe.

When I learned that Tal, a fellow 2014 bride, booked them for her wedding, I immediately sent an inquiry to Dianne, one of their lead singers. She replied instantly, and while their rate was a bit over our budget, it was still pretty affordable considering that they have already been in the business for about seven years. She even gave me a P2,000 pesos discount if I’d get them for both the church and reception. :)

The only catch though, was that I have to book them as soon as possible to get their current rate. Dianne is actually seven months pregnant and would be on leave after September. She said that the band plans to increase their rates once she gets back, which means that I could no longer afford them. Also, they require a 50% downpayment to book our date, which I thought was a significant amount of money to shell out.

But since I really wanted to lock their rates, I decided to meet with Dianne to sign the contract. When I met her at Starbucks Tiendesitas, I immediately knew that I’ve made the right choice. She’s so nice and kalog. And professional to boot! Imagine being seven months pregnant and yet still willing to meet up with clients and do gigs. Wow, saludo ako sa iyo ate! And so, after two hours of non-stop chikahan, I signed the contract and officially became a Composed Band bride. I got them for both the ceremony and receptioon so Dianne slashed off P2,000 from the total contract price. Uy, malaking tulong na rin ang P2,000 discount na yun ah!

Composed Band has a wide repertoire of songs that can suit both the oldies and the young-at-hearts. They can play contemporary music, danceable pop tunes and even mushy ballads. Here’s a sample video of them during  one of their gigs in Tiendesitas. I love the blending of Dianne's and Benjie's voices. Nakakakilig. For other videos, you may visit their website.

I can’t wait to hear them sing and rock the house down on our wedding. Kelangan ko nang praktisin ang boses ko para sa song number ko. Chos! Haha!

0927-6039596 (Dianne)

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