October 14, 2012

Gown Fitting # 1: Ivory and White

Yesterday, my MOH and I went to Ivory and White Bridal Store in Katipunan to fit some wedding gowns. I've always entertained the thought of wearing an RTW gown since I'm not that particular naman with what I'll wear. I don't care if it's not a designer-made gown as long as it's affordable and it fits me well.

The only RTW bridal stores that I know of are Mi Sueno and Rosa Clara, which offers gowns from P45,000 and aboveway over our budget! So I was surprised to learn that Ivory and White offers gowns ranging from P15,000 up to P30,000! So I immediately called them for appointment.

The good thing about Ivory and White is that they will only open their store if you'd have an appointment with them. Con and I have the whole store to ourselves so I was able to fit gowns to our hearts' content. Kung di lang kami nagutom, baka nasukat ko na lahat ng gown nila dun. Haha! Plus, I love the ambience of their store, very homey and warm. Ang cute! Photos grabbed were from my MOH. Thanks Con! :)

I tried fitting five gowns, but was only able to wear three of them. Okay fine, only one gown truly fit me, while the other two were so hard to zip up that two store assistants had to help me close the gown. Fine, sign na talaga yun na kailangan ko nang magpapayat! Hmp. 

I only had two pictures of the gowns that I fit. Here's a tulle ballgown with a one shoulder neckline. Cute, but unfortunately, the skirt would eat me alive. Haha!

Mukha akong Oompa Loompa ni Willy Wonka. Ampf.
The next gown is an organza gown with a sweetheart neckline and an assymetrical tiered skirt. This was actually the first gown that I fit, and when I saw it, I was speechless. Oh my, ang sexy ko! Haha! Seriously, the bodice fit me like a glove that I looked like I actually had a waist! And the ruchings also camoflauge my squishy tummy. Haha! The straps were a bit loose, but the assistant said I could have it adjusted for free. I loved it; Con loved it; we all loved it!

Ang payat koooooo! Wohoo!

So did I get the gown? Sadly, I decided not to buy the gown despite the love-at-first-sight connection. Why, you may ask? It's because the gown has no embellishments whatsoever; the only kaartehan it has are the ruchings at the bodice and the assymetrical tiered skirt. And yet, it is actually more expensive than what Jeff House of Fashion quoted me for my beaded gown peg. I felt it was too plain, especially since a lot of gowns already looked like it. They let me wear a belt to jazz it up a bit, but the belt is another extra expense that I couldn't afford. Sayang talaga.

But even though I haven't bought anything at Ivory and White, I strongly suggest that brides would at least try to fit their gowns, or any kind of RTW gown for that matter. It's hard to picture how a gown would look like on me just by looking at gown pegs, so it is best to try on RTW gowns to see if the peg that I've chosen would look good at me. At first, I thought I'd like a chiffon gown, flowy and loose, but then I saw that a fitted gown would look better on me. So now, I have to search for new pegs all over again. :)

To set an appointment with Ivory and White, just visit their website and fill up their form. :)

G/F Eaglestar Condominium, 25 Fabian de la Rosa St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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