Guests' FAQs

1. What should we wear to the wedding? 

We imposed a "Formal" dress code for our wedding. We want our wedding to remain elegant so we would very much appreciate that you dress accordingly. We are aware of the sweltering summer heat, but rest assured that both church and venue are air-conditioned, so you will still remain cool and comfortable. Still not sure what to wear? Read on for our some do's and dont's for your wedding attire.

Ladies, DO wear any flowy cocktail dress or maxi dress. The more colorful, the better. You can also pair a dressy top with a skirt, provided that it is not too short. You can wear high heels, although sandals and flats are also allowed. But please, no flipflops! Just a reminder though, both church and reception venue are air-conditioned, so you may want to bring a shawl or bolero to keep yourself warm.

Gentlemen, DO wear a long-sleeved button-down shirt. Also, wear linen slacks or dark dress pants. If you want to wear a polo shirt, pair it with a trendy jacket or blazer to make it more formal. You can wear your footwear of choice, whether it’s sneakers, loafers or leather dress shoes. Please no flipflops or open-toe sandals!


DON'T wear a white dress. Only the bride should wear an all-white ensemble because it is, after all, her day and she should be the one to stand out from the crowd. Do you want to be mistaken for the bride? I don't think so.

DON'T wear miniskirts or dresses that barely cover your womanly parts. Please be reminded that our wedding will begin at the church, where a proper dress code must be followed. Kindly show some respect to the solemnity of the wedding by covering up. Bring a shawl, a jacket or a bolero in case you decide to wear a strapless dress or a tube top.

DON'T wear shorts, t-shirts or denim jeans. Again, this is our wedding day, not just an ordinary party. We would like to see some effort in the way you dress. After all, this is your chance to show everyone how beautiful/handsome you looked when you are all glammed up.

2. Can I bring a date? 

You may want to bring your significant other to the wedding, but unless your invitation specifically states, "Your name and Guest", please do not do so. It took careful planning to create the guest list and we want our guests to be the people who took the time to know us as a couple. So as much as we would like to meet your husband/fiance/boyfriend, we’d rather do all introductions in another time. 

Also, do not surprise us by bringing uninvited guests at the last minute. We will assign seats for our confirmed guests, so anyone who is not on the guest list would have to eat at the suppliers' table, or worse, stand at the back and just wait for someone to give up their seats.

3. How about our child/children?

We love children, but our wedding will be an Adults-Only affair because we want the guests to fully enjoy themselves on our big day. The event could end late and I don’t think children would have the energy to party all night. So to avoid any unwanted stress and temper tantrums, it is best to just leave the children at home with a suitable guardian.

4. What exactly is RSVP?

For those not familiar with this acronym, RSVP means Répondez s’il vous plait, French for “Please respond.” Kindly tell us as soon as possible whether or not you could attend our wedding because it would help us finalize the headcount with our caterer. We will not take it against you if you could not make it, as long as you tell us at least two weeks before the wedding. Please no last-minute cancellations! We will spend good money to serve a scrumptious feast for you, and for every no-show, a plate of very expensive food will be wasted.

Please also confirm with us if you will attend. If there is no RSVP from you, we will immediately assume that you have declined our invitation and will not include you on the guest list. If you show up at the reception and your name is not on the guest list, you will be asked to wait until all the guests who RSVP-ed have been seated. As I mentioned earlier, people who are not on the guest list will have to sit at the suppliers’ table or wait along the sidelines if there are no more seats available.

5. The ceremony is too boring. Can I just skip it and head straight to the reception?

NO, NO and NO! The whole point of having a wedding is to see the couple profess their love for each other in front of the altar. We invited you to witness us exchange our wedding vows, not just to eat a buffet dinner for free. Also, please do not be late. Arrive 15 to 30 minutes beforehand. If you arrive at the church during the bridal march, do not peek through the doors to watch because you’ll be caught in her photos. I doubt any normal bride would be happy with someone stealing her moment during her wedding day.

Please also stay for the program and refrain from leaving right after dinner. We worked hard to prepare a wonderful program to keep you entertained during the night and we hope you’d stay long enough to enjoy our efforts.  

6. We're stumped over what to give you. Any ideas?

Our wedding will probably be the grandest event that we would ever plan, so we wish to spend it with the people closest to our heart. We do not expect something in return, except for a smile and a simple "Thank you", so please do not be stressed over what wedding gift to give us. Your presence on our special day is more than enough.

But if you still insist on giving us a gift, we really prefer to receive cash over the usual boxed wedding gifts. We would love to receive rice cookers, dinner plates, electric fans, etc., but we still have no definite place to live in and it would be difficult to lug around household appliances while searching for the perfect home. We will be grateful to whatever contribution you may give to our house fund—whether it's P100 or P1,000,000.

We are still undecided on whether or not we should sign up for a bridal registry, but we’ll definitely let you know the things on our shopping list, if we do sign up for one.

7. The food served is very cold! The wedding gown looks cheap! The program is too long and boring!

That may be your opinion, but please keep those comments regarding the wedding to yourself. Remember that the main point of the wedding is to celebrate the couple's love and not to scrutinize every wedding detail. Plus, criticizing the wedding's theme, motif and other details is an insult to our personal taste.


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