September 28, 2012

Kudos to Our Freenup Suppliers

It’s always been a W@W tradition to give out feedbacks on suppliers right after a bride’s wedding, but since I haven’t been married yet, let’s just start with our freenup suppliers. :)

PHOTOGRAPHERS: NYOi (Not Your Ordinary Images) 
Peso Power: Free!
Contact Details:
Rating: 5+++ out of 5

I so love this team! The first time I met with Nikki and Alex, I already felt at ease with them. The first thing they did was to buy me a Java Chip Frappucinnothe first time that a supplier has ever treated me to anything. For that, they already earned plus points in my book! Hehe. But seriously, they were a blast to be with! During our meeting, we were able to tackle all the specifics of our photo shootlogistics, how many sets of clothes we'd bring, what kind of shots we'd like or don't like, etc.and had some chikahan moments in between. Ang saya lang. :)

During our pictorial, they were very professional. At first, I just thought they were just hobbyists who only wished to build up their portfolio, but when we arrived at our venue, WOW! There were set lights and reflectors all over the place! Sabi nga ni Mox mali ata kami ng napuntahan kasi may mga nakasetup na ilaw pa. Akala tuloy namin may nagshoshooting na artista. Yun pala, kami ang artista. Chos! Haha!

I already informed Nikki and their team about Mox's aversion to the cameras, but they were able to bring him out of his shell and even got him to smile! We got a lot of great pictures as a result. And I really mean a lotaround 900+ pictures in just 2 1/2 hours of shooting. Wow! :)

HMUA: Berny Tia
Peso Power: P2,000 for on-location hair and makeup
Contact Details:
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

I definitely made the right choice when I got Ms. Berny to do my makeup. I looked fresh and young in every picture! Plus, she's also very maalaga. She would touch up my makeup at every chance, especially since my nose would just become shiny immediately. Bwiset na ilong yan. Haha! She has the most affordable prenup rates at P2,000. With that rate, she would already join you on your shoot. Diba ang mura? Most HMUA offer on-location hair and makeup at P4,000 and above so Ms. Berny's rate is actually quite a steal. 

I didn't give her a perfect 5 though because I didn't like my first hairstlye, the curly half-do. It's nice and all, but I didn't think it suited me, especially with the dress that I was wearing. Mox thought it looked nice naman, but I thought it made me looked older. Although I loved the curls when she finally let all my hair down. :)

VENUES: Starbucks and Timezone in Greenhills Promenade
Peso Power: Free!
Contact Details: 896-2755 (Starbucks) and 571-0910 (Timezone)
Rating: 4 out of 5

I didn't want to spend too much money on our freenup so I searched for venues that would allow us to hold our freenup for well... free. But I also wanted a venue that plays a special part in our relationship. Luckily, I learned that Starbucks and Timezone allow couples to hold their prenups there for free. This suited us perfectly because we love to drink coffee at Starbucks and play arcade games at Timezone during our dates. Oh yeah, I would kick Mox's butt at the basketball games. Haha!

Nikki suggested to hold our freenup at the Timezone branch in Greenhills Promenade because it would be easier to hold a photo shoot there. Starbucks was right beside it so it was a win-win situation. I just had to send a letter of intent to the marketing departments of both establishments, where I put in details of our prenup shoot such as the date, time, number of people and list of the equipment that would be used.

Everything was all easy-peasy but I have to give the venues a 4 though because it took me quite a long time to get the permits from them. I had to follow up on them daily to get an answer. I almost thought I had to think of a Plan B because I still had no permit three days before our shoot. But luckily, everything worked out for the best. :) 

OUTFITS: Models' own (Naks, pinanindigan ang pagiging model. Haha!)
Peso Power: P1,400 for my blue lace dress (Forever21)
Rating: 5+++ out of 5 (Syempre, love your own. Hehe.)

Again, we tried to limit our expenses so we had to make do with our old clothes for this shoot. I only bought the blue lace dress from Forever21 since I had nothing else to wear. I even asked Nikki if it's okay to bring only two sets of clothes since I was already having a hard time looking for outfits to bring! Kawawang bata! Haha. I honestly don't know if the clothes we wore were fashionable or even appropriate for a prenup, but I haven't heard any complaints so I guess it's all good. Hehe.

ACCESSORIES: Con Andres (my MOH)
Peso Power: Free!
Rating: 5 out of 5

Con, my high school friend and my maid of honor, lent me a box full of accessories for the shoot. However, I only used this black bracelet during our Starbucks shoot. I was also supposed to wear a cute yellow fabric flower brooch with my blue dress, but it didn't really fit in with the venue. Nonetheless, I'd still give her a 5 since the accessories were cute, she's my close friend, and she volunteered to be my stylist for my next prenup. Yey! :)

Overall, the freenup was a great experience, and I'm so happy that we've done it. I just want to say thank you to Aisle 1401 for giving Mox and I the opportunity to do this freenup, and of course to all our suppliers for making this shoot a success. I love you all! :)

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