October 24, 2012

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Since our freenup with NYOi does not include an album, I decided to make my own through Photobook Philippines. Luckily, they had a promo deal at Ensogo so I was able to buy a voucher for a Medium Landscape Imagewrap album—originally at P4,000—for only P939! What a steal!

It took me some time to get used to the Photobook Designer since I am not a techie person, but after a few tries, I was finally able to create the perfect layout for my album. The only problem that I had was trying to fit in all the pictures that I love in only 40 pages. Ang hirap mamili ng pictures ah! Ang gaganda ko kasi sa lahat eh. Haha! Sorry, feelingera lang.
After seven days of waiting, I finally received our freenup album, just in time for our second anniversary. Their tracking system is so efficient! Every activity was recorded in their system, so I knew when my package had arrived here in the office, even before our receptionist notified me. Oh diba, ang galing!

Cool tracking system! :)
My package is here!
All I can say is… the album is perfect. I love the layout (syempre love your own) and I love the presentation! I couldn't get enough of its "new book" smell. It's the perfect anniversary gift for me and Mox. :)

Now I know why lots of brides are buying vouchers for Photobooks. Nakakaadik palang gumawa ng album eh. I'd probably buy one again for my other photos. :)



  1. hi there. i was reading your blog and really helps!
    many thanks for the informative blog.
    i am also a b2b on feb2014 and reading blogs like yours is an advantage to me. :)
    oh, may i ask about ur album, did you pay certain fee for the customs to release ur album? or did u pay extra fees for the shipping and the like? thank you girl. ur reply is much appreciated :)

    1. hi sis! thanks for reading my blog! :)

      anyway, shipping fee for this album only costs P350. :) No need for customs or any extra fee. Shipping lazng babayaran mo. :)

  2. thank you very much!
    pls be patient with my future inquiries to you.. hehehe
    salamat uli :)

    1. hehe no problem sis! :) kung may questions ka, email me na lang at natamox_2013@yahoo.com. :) bawal kasi ang blogspot sa office namin kaya late ko na nababasa comments niyo. haha



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