September 30, 2013

The Ring Part 3

During the time when I got my second engagement ring, I said back then it was okay to receive a simple silver ring since I didn't want a diamond ring anyway.

Well guess what? I lied.

Okay, before you say that I am an ungrateful hypocrite, just hear me out for a second. I really didn't want a diamond ring at first. I always thought that an engagement ring would usually cost around P40,000 and above. Obviously, I am not that comfortable wearing a ring that expensive so I decided to just buy an affordable silver engagement ring.

But then I discovered that Suarez has engagement rings that cost less than P20,000, which are considerably cheaper than the ones that I have seen in bridal fairs. Since I now know that there are "affordable" engagement rings out there, I was then consumed with thoughts of wearing a diamond ring, and I was hoping to convince Mox to buy me one.

You may think that I am one materialistic girl, but the real reason why I wanted a diamond ring was because I wanted to see how much effort Mox will put in saving up for it. In a way, I am envious of girls whose fiances surprise them with grand proposals and diamond engagement rings (as in effort kung effort), but I know that Mox is not good in planning surprises (e.g. my failed "surprise" birthday party). So I just want to know that he made the effort to save all his hard-earned money to buy me a diamond ring. That alone would make my heart melt. :)

I kept on dropping hints at him, but he would just laugh and change the subject. I thought it was all hopeless until last Saturday night. As we were driving home, he suddenly stopped the car, took my hand and removed my silver ring. Then he looked me and said the magic words: "Will you marry me?", while slipping something on my finger. Lo and behold, it was a real diamond ring! Yes, he actually proposed again! *Insert kilig emoticon here!*

So ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to show you the fruit of my fiance's hard work. Mox is also very proud of the fact that he was able to save enough money (despite having to pay the bills and the downpayments for the wedding) to buy me this ring. He even asked me to post a picture of it in Facebook! Haha!

I just love looking at my new ring! Thank you Mox for your very wonderful gift. I am still on cloud nine right now. *feeling kilig all over again.*



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