October 6, 2013

Prenup Venue Ocular: Wawa Dam

Our prenup with our official photographer is scheduled for November and as early as now, we wanted to prepare for it. And so our search for the perfect prenup venue begins.

At first I wanted a beach prenup since it complements our wedding theme, but due to budget constraints, we had to scrap that plan. However, I still wanted to do something outdoorsy for our prenup shoot. I really couldn't let go of the idea of having our prenup shoot in a place where there are big rocks and water. Sort of like a river fairy of some sorts. Haha.

And so I tried to find a venue that is a). near the city to avoid out-of-town charges; b). has no/minimal entrance fees; and c). has big rock formations, and a river if possible. I thought that a venue with these criteria would be impossible to find, but a bride in GirlTalk recommended Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal.

I searched some pictures of Wawa Dam and I fell in love with the place instantly! And so, Mox and I went to Wawa Dam yesterday to inquire how to get a permit for the prenup and also to see if the place is really as beautiful as it is in the photos.

Guess what? It's even better in person! I especially love the big rock formations and the flowing river; it's exactly how I pictured my perfect prenup venue to be. We could even rent a raft at the upper lake, which would give us another great angle for pictures. :)

I also liked how nice the locals are. We were about to park in one area of the dam, which has a parking fee of around P100! I know, expensive right? But then, one of the officials in the barangay hall talked to the "parking attendant" and allowed us to move our car to the front of the barangay hall, which is free of charge. That same official even accompanied us to the tourism office to inquire on how to get a permit and toured us around the dams so we can take note of the possible locations where we can have our pictures taken. Ang bait noh?

Now how to get a permit to shoot in Wawa Dam? From our conversation with the tourism officer, we can pay P500 for the permit immediately in their office if the pictorial is set on the day. However, since we still have over a month to prepare for our shoot, the office advised us to coordinate with the main municipal office in town so that we would at least negotiate for a discount. We could even shoot there for free, depending on our negotiations.

But I am still confused on the exact process on how to get a permit. You see, Wawa Dam has a tourism office and a barangay hall in its vicinity, and both offices have different permit fees. The barangay hall charges P500 for the prenup fee, while the tourism office charges P800. Ang labo diba? I'll probably just go to the main municipal office to see whether or not I could get a permit from there.

Tomorrow, I will meet with Aira Franco, our stylist, to discuss our possible looks for our prenup. Our prenup preparations are now in full swing! :)



  1. Hi Sis.. you can check out also Mt. Manalmon/ Madlum Caves in San Miguel Bulacan. Looks similar but as far I know they dont charge for photoshoots but you'd have to pay a tour guide though. Also it can become relatively more expensive because that might be considered out of town and toll fee as we know is also a bit steep.

    1. Thanks sis! Sige we'll check that out pag hindi naging okay itong Wawa Dam. :)

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  3. Hello! I just want to ask how things went during ur prenup shoot? Because I also want this place.

    Can I also ask for tips say, how much is the rent fee and the like. :)

    Thanks in advance. God bless

  4. Hello, same questions sis, any update how did this go so far? Thank you :) -Manel

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