September 15, 2013

Wedding Weekend Adventures

We're now in the BER months, which signal the beginning of the Christmas season here in the Philippines. However, it also means we only have about seven months left before our big day. Mox and I are slowly feeling the pressure, so we filled our weekend with wedding errands to do.


Last Friday morning, I went to Paolo Blanco's shop to fit my gown for my brother's wedding in October. My future sister-in-law gave us (the secondary sponsors) the liberty to choose the design of our gowns, provided that its length should be floor-length and it should be in any shade of blue. Since I plan to use the gown for my prenup, I had my gown made in turquoise. Look how pretty it is! It fits our own motif perfectly. :)

And when I wore the gown, it fit me perfectly! The gown was able to hide my flaws, and I even looked taller than usual I wasn't able to bring my heels though, so the hemline was too long, but Paolo assured me he would cut it at an appropriate length.

I love this gown! Paolo definitely did a great job in designing this gown. I feel like a Grecian goddess whenever I'm wearing it. It's just so soft and flowy. Lakas talagang makaganda. The only thing that I didn't like is that I really don't have a defined waist, so the body form looks sexier than me. Bwiset. Haha!


After my fitting with Paolo, I went to fetch Mox to go to Eastwood where we would have our pre-production meeting with Aisle 1401 for our prenup video. We met Anna and John in Starbucks, and after buying some drinks, we immediately got into business.

Upon first impression, Anna may seem too serious, but she's really just cooking up ideas for our concept. She first asked us what kind of video we wanted and we told her that we wanted a narrative prenup video, something that plays just like a movie. None of that cheesy holding hands while walking with matching pasway-sway pa stuff. We wanted our video to reflect who we are as a couple, and we're just not the type to be all romantic and cheesy. On the contrary, we're actually the couple who teases each other until one of us would get annoyed. Carino brutal, sabi nga nila. And to highlight that aspect, we thought that a romantic comedy-style prenup video would be the best fit for us.

We then talked about how Anna and the rest of Aisle 1401 would execute our concept, the possible shoot locations and our wardrobe. Our meeting lasted for about an hour, which was quite fast in their standards because Anna warned us that we should set at least three hours for our pre-production meeting. But luckily, we were able to combine all our ideas together and create a cohesive game plan for our shoot. Of course, you have to wait for our wedding day to find out how our video would turn out. Hehe. :)

I accompanied two of my W@Wie friends to Gretchen Pichay as they both plan to book her on that day. Since Mox agreed to increase my gown budget yet again to P40,000, I decided to take the chance and ask Gretchen to sketch another design, this time with a more detailed skirt. I guess I really couldn't let go of my dream ruffled skirt just yet. And after a few minutes of sketching, she came up with this design.

Finally, I got my ruffled skirt! Gretchen said that the ruffles wouldn't be so poofy; instead, they would be wavy and flat, and would have sort of like a sunburst effect. Honestly, I really couldn't imagine how the skirt would look like even though Gretchen kept on explaining what a "sunburst effect" is. Sorry naman, mahina talaga akong magvisualize eh. Haha. Still, I am happy that I now have the gown that I really, really wanted. I can't wait for to pick out the final design in November. Yey! :)



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