September 3, 2013

Designer Meeting # 5: Emil Ocampo

When Mox booked Emil Ocampo to do his suit during the Before I Do bridal fair, I was actually tempted to book him also for my wedding gown. I've been hearing great reviews about him so far and I know he is within our set budget for my gown. Plus, it would be more convenient for us if Mox and I have the same designer for our wedding attire because we would only have one supplier to talk to. Less stress, less hassle. It's a win-win situation diba?

Although I was already about 90% decided with Emil, I still wanted to meet up with other designers first. I scheduled a meeting with Emil at the end of the month so that I would have enough time to compare the designers and find out whether or not Emil is indeed the best choice for me..

Sadly, I chose a different designer, so I thought of cancelling my appointment with him. Sayang lang rin ang pagod namin pareho eh. But since he will be Mox's designer, might as well visit his shop now so that we would know how to get there when it's time for Mox to have his measurements taken diba?

Emil was as soft-spoken as ever when we saw him. Heck, his assistants even speak louder than him.Haha! But this can be a good thing because I instantly felt comfortable with him. I can tell him my preferences about my gown without feeling too embarrassed or scared that he will think it is baduy. After a few minutes of discussion, he gave me this sketch:

While I know he gave me all the elements of my dream gown, I wasn't exactly blown away by his design for me. Maybe my heart is now leaning towards a different aesthetic this time, which is a more detailed top and a simpler skirt. Also, he decided to use embroidery cutouts with beads for my gown, which is his specialty. But I didn't want any of that; I want lace appliques! Sorry, I just couldn't get Gretchen's lace swatches out of my mind. Haha.

But even though I didn't book him, I was still glad that we met with him because I finally found what is the best color for my wedding gown. I am not a fan of the typical white wedding gowns, so I used to dream about wearing a champagne-colored gown. Emil allowed me to fit a champagne-colored gown, and I realized that it didn't suit my skin tone. Wearing champagne actually made me look darker! So now I know that ivory is the best color for me. See, at least we accomplished something during our meeting! Haha. :)



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