September 10, 2013

Food Tasting # 23: BridalBook's Tasteful Tastings

BridalBook's Tasteful Tastings event was probably one of the grandest food tasting events that I have ever attended because I was able to sample dishes from not just one, but three different caterers! Sirang-sira tuloy ang diet ko. Haha!

The event, held at the Blue Leaf Pavilion in Taguig, featured 14 different caterers and some cake suppliers too. Each caterer set up a mini-food tasting area where everyone can sample their best-selling dishes. So if you have the time (and the stomach room) to spare, you can go around and eat all the food from all caterers! And BridalBook gave the perfect incentive to do just that; all you had to do was to sample dishes from at least eight caterers and you would get a chance to win an overnight stay for two in Manila Peninsula! Oh diba, busog ka na nga, pwede ka pang manalo ng premyo.

Since the event was held on a Sunday, I had to go to work so I was only able to taste the food of just three caterers. Still, I'm glad I went to the event because not only was I able to eat lunch for free, but I also won a prize from the hourly raffle draws!  I still don't know what my prize is since I wasn't there when they picked my name, but at least I won something diba?

The first caterer that I went to was my dream caterer, K by Cunanan. I love how they were able to incorporate fruits into their centerpieces. It was how I pictured our own table setup to be, except we plan to use oranges for our wedding. It's simple, yet so elegant! :) Hope you can appreciate its beauty though despite my crappy shots. Haha.

Here are some of K by Cunanan's dishes during the event. Sadly, I wasn't able to get the names of all these entrees from the AEs, although I do recognize the Japanese Rolled Chicken with Cheese and Leeks in Teriyaki Glaze.

 And here are their desserts. Again, I really don't know their names, but the two shot glasses on top were delicious! However, I really didn't like the bottom one because I couldn't distinguish its flavor. Ang weird lang niya.

Next on our list to try was supposed to be Bizu Catering, but since there were no free tables yet, I then went to my former caterer, Richgold Weddings. We were dazzled by their setup; it was fit for a king and queen! I wasn't able to take a picture of the whole table, but just imagine a long table covered with these centerpieces. Plus we all have gold plates! Ang bongga lang!

The centerpieces were pretty, but I thought the setup was too extravagant. Also, we could hardly see the people on the other side of the table so it was a hard time to keep the conversation flowing. I am now convinced not to use tall centerpieces for our VIP tables.

Luckily, Richgold provided us with a menu today so we know what we would be eating.

So we were served Fish Goujons with Tartar, Beef Skewers, Roasted Chicken with Au Jus, Mini Lumpia and Fettuccine in Puttanesca.

The fettuccine was very flavorful; I actually enjoyed it very much. But I didn't like the beef skewers as much because the beef was very tough to chew. Meanwhile, the fish with tartar tasted ordinary; and I couldn't even remember how the chicken tasted like! Surprisingly, my favorite dish on the plate was the lumpia. I love its peanut sauce! Parang ang sarap iulam tuloy sa kanin.

For desserts, we had the Creme Brulee and the Fruit Trifle. I completely forgot to take pictures before eating the desserts. Tsk, tsk. Sorry, gutom na talaga ako eh. The creme brulee was as delicious as ever, but the fruit trifle, a gelatin dessert topped with cream, was just so bland. Even after mixing the gelatin and the cream, I couldn't taste the sweetness in the dessert. Minus points for Richgold for this.

After eating, we went straight to Bizu's area. Unfortunately, I had to leave for work lest I want to be late again so I only had time to sample their desserts. I don't know all the names of their dessert offerings, but all I can say is they were all so delectable! I especially love the macarons. First time kong kumain ng ganun eh.  Now I know why Bizu is famous for its yummy treats. :)

They also have a sample of their dessert table during the event, but sadly, the desserts there were only for display. Sayang, I was really tempted to grab one of the treats and run! Haha! Just see how mouthwatering they all were!

Thank you again BridalBook for organizing an event like this! I hope there will be another one next year, and you bet that me and my happy tummy will be there again. :)



  1. Hi, Nat!

    Thank you so much for attending Tasteful Tastings last September 1! We're glad you were able to sample from some of our partner suppliers despite having to go to work. See you at our next events! :)

    The BridalBook Team

    1. Thank you BridalBook team for organizing this event! :) Looking forward to attending another of your events soon. :)

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