June 5, 2013

The Wedding Month!

June is considered by most as "the wedding month" (although I think December now deserves that title more), so it is appropriate to fill this month with wedding activities!

For the next three weekends, I have wedding-related events to attend to. Whee! This is so exciting! :)
  • JUNE 8 - I will attend Aiza and Ron's wedding! Aiza is one of the friends that I met in W@W. This will be the first W@Wie wedding that I will attend. See, iba talaga ang W@W love. Hehe.
  • JUNE 15 - Now this will be a jam-packed Saturday. Here is our tentative schedule for the day.
    • Morning: I will attend Juan Carlo's food tasting at Fernwood Gardens. Yes, I know I have already tasted their food, but this time, I will be with some of my W@Wie friends. :) This will serve as our mini-EB before our Grand EB in July! Plus, who could resist a chance for free lunch? Hehe
    • Afternoon: I will have a gown fitting again at Ivory and White. This time, I have my worst fashion critic ever: Mox. Haha! I'm still waiting for his teary-eyed moment when he sees me in a white wedding gown!
    • Dinner: I will attend a group food tasting with Purpledish. Again, I will be with some W@Wie friends. Free dinner again, yey! :)
  • JUNE 22 - I will meet some W@Wie friends at the Philippine Wedding Summit in Pasay. The bridal fair will be held at the World Trade Center. I heard GQ Mobile Bar will be one of the exhibitor so this will give me a chance to taste their drinks again. I really need to finalize our drink list. Hehe. Afterwards, I will meet with my high school friends for dinner. I can now give them the Will-You-Be cards that Charm of My Sassy Art (more on that on the next post) made.  :)
  •  JUNE 29 - Mox and I will conduct an ocular at our tentative prenup venue, Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal.
This will be a very busy month... and I can't wait!


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