May 31, 2013

First Visit to the OB

Mox and I have always been vocal of wanting to start a family as soon as we got married, so a part of our wedding preparations was going to the doctor to see if we are physically capable of making babies immediately. Hehe.

First on the list is going to an OB-Gyne. Honestly, in my 25 years of existence, I have never been to one. I never really thought that I needed to see an OB because I have never experienced any major problems when it comes to my cycle. Even my mom told me that it was not yet time to visit one; she herself didn't go  until she was 28 years old!

But since I have been hearing things about PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and other scary gynecological problems that may affect our chances of getting pregnant immediately, I decided to go and visit one. I first went to MegaClinic in Megamall to have myself checked by one of their resident OB-Gynes there, but I found her too masungit and condescending. She even diagnosed that I might have PCOS and prescribed some meds for me to take. I was not that convinced with her diagnosis (plus I really don't like her attitude) so I went to Medical City to seek a second opinion. Yes, I know this hospital is quite expensive, but luckily, I have my HMO card to thank for! Haha!

This time, I did my research and found Dra. Judy Ong-Fuentes. There were a lot of good reviews about her, and she's apparently one of the senior OBs in Medical City, so I'm really confident that she would be able to possibly refute the first OB's "diagnosis". Haha, ayaw ko talagang maniwala sa kanya na may PCOS ako! 

During our consultation, she first asked questions about my menstrual cycle, sexual history and other personal questions. She then explained how the female reproductive system works, even using a model to further illustrate her point. In fairness, naintindihan ko siya kahit mahina ako sa science. Hehe. She suggested that we do a routinary pap smear and  then a transvaginal ultrasound to find out if I do have PCOS

What is a pap smear? It is the most common test used to detect any abnormalities in the cervical cells that could result in cervical cancer. Ideally, every woman should have a pap smear after the first sexual intercourse or after the age of 21, whichever is earlier. Apparently I am already late in doing so because I am already 25, but hey, better late than never right? Then the pap smear should be done every one to three years until the age of 65.

On the other hand, the transvaginal ultrasound is a test used to a woman's reproductive organs, including the uterus, ovaries, and cervix. This is done by inserting a probe, called an inducer, down there. The probe is covered by a condom and lubricant. Sounds scary noh?

I was scared to do both because I heard that the procedures could be painful, and I'm a sissy when it comes to pain. Hehe. For the pap smear, Dra. Fuentes asked me to take off my underwear, lie down and put my feet on the stirrups. She then insert a speculum that will open up my vagina, making it easier to swab some cells for examination. She then checked both my cervix and uterus with her fingers. The procedure only took about 10 minutes tops, and luckily, I didn't feel any pain. It just felt weird, but not painful. I do have to wait for a week though for the results.

Then I had to go down to the hospital's Woman's Health Center to have my transvaginal ultrasound. Even though it was a weekday, there were a lot of patients in the center. I was actually number 59 on the list! After an hour of waiting, it was finally my turn. They had me remove my pants and underwear, wear a hospital gown and empty my bladder before the ultrasound. And just like the pap smear, I lied down on the examining table and put my feet up the stirrups. The doctors then inserted the probe to examine my reproductive organs. There was mild discomfort during the test, especially when the doctors began pressing down on my cervix, but overall, the whole procedure was painless. I was worried over nothing! Hehe.

The results came surprisingly fast, only a few minutes after the procedure. I couldn't really understand all the medical terms, but from what I garnered during the conversation of my attending doctors, my ovaries are all clear; I was negative of PCOS! Yey! :) Of course, I had to go back to my OB next week for her to interpret my results better, but still, at least my worries were alleviated.

My ultrasound results
To all brides-to-be out there, it's really a must to visit your OB before your wedding. Preparing for your wedding is not just about choosing the best suppliers; it's also about making sure that your bodies are in the perfect shape for you to have your future family. :)



  1. Also had my first OBGYNE check up this year. Same with you wala naman kasi ako nafefeel anything irregular with my menstruation etc. so I didn't bother going to the OBGYNE. But a few months back biglang weird na ng cycle ko and super sakit so nagworry na ako. Plus the fact na rin na ikakasal na this year so might as well have my check up na rin :) Naalala ko tuloy check up ko kasi ganun din may model pa sya ng reproductive system para tuloy biology class ang nangyari hehe! I had ultrasound din pero rectal at grabe un feeling parang mapoopoo ka once napasok at nilabas un device haha! Kabadong kabado talaga ako nun! Ang diagnosis naman sa akin e retroverted ang uterus pero nothing to worry naman daw. Thank God! :)

    1. Hi Lei, Ako naman anteverted ang uterus pero sabi ng doctor normal lang daw yun. Only difference daw is madalas daw ako maddysme. hehe. Pero at least nawala ang worries ko na baka may PCOS ako. Yey!

    2. Transvaginal naman ako, okay sa una pero after a while, nangagawit na ako. Nanginginig bigla mga paa ko. Haha! Ang weird lang ng feeling :P

  2. Hi! Is Dra judy Ong fuentes still your OB? Can you share more about your experience with her? Thank you!


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