June 18, 2013

Food Tasting # 19: Juan Carlo the Caterer Part 2

Our schedule was jam-packed last Saturday, with two grand food tastings and one gown fitting lined up. First on our agenda was the food tasting with Juan Carlo the Caterer in Fernwood Gardens.

As you all know, I already attended a food tasting with Juan Carlo last year with my younger brother. This time, Mox and I accompanied some of my new W@Wie friends and their fiances to another food tasting with them. I just couldn't resist the chance to enjoy another free lunch. Haha!

While last year's food tasting motif was white, this year's motif was light pink. The tablecloth was light pink, while the flowers where a mixture of white and light pink roses. There were also small pink pails filled with baby's breath on the back of the tiffany chairs. Sayang nga lang, I didn't take any pictures.

For our soup course, I was given the Cream of Fresh Mushroom Soup while Mox has the Sopa de Congrejo. These were the same soups that were served during our previous food tasting. And yes, my feedback on them is still the same: the soups were too bland. :( Sorry, wasn't able to take a picture of the Sopa de Congrejo because Mox drank it all before I even got my camera. Haha!

Cream of Fresh Mushoom Soup
For the main courses, Mox and I each have different entrees on our plates.

My plate
Mox's plate
I won't go much into detail since almost all of the food served were the same dishes that we tasted during last year's food tasting. However, my review still stays the same: everything was just so-so. I even asked Mox what he thought and he said "ok lang". Which means, hindi siya masyadong nasarapan. Haha!

I did find two dishes that were yummy: the Salmon in Tequila Cream Sauce and the Hong Kong Style Chicken. At first bite, the salmon might taste too salty for some, but afterwards, the burst of flavor was just delicious. Masarap siyang iulam talaga sa kanin. Hehe. Meanwhile, the chicken was very juicy and tender. The sauce was very rich; you can practically taste it right down to the chicken bones. Super yummy! :)

Juan Carlo served a lot of desserts, but I was only able to taste three desserts because I didn't want to eat too much. Alam niyo naman, diet mode ako. Chos! Haha!

The Coffee Magnifico is a coffee-flavored pannacotta. Others might find the coffee too strong, but I thought it was just right, especially if you would dip the choco wafer stick into the pannacotta. Hmmm, heavenly!

The Chocolate Muffin is topped with rich frosting and a peach (or is it a mango?) slice. It was very moist and yummy, although honestly, it tasted just like the other chocolate muffins out there. Nothing too special.

Lastly, the Pandan Pannacotta was again served to us. And yes, it was still the bland-tasting dessert that we ate last year. Sorry, I really didn't like this dish.

Coffee Magnifico
Chocolate Muffin

Pandan Pannacotta
VERDICT: I'm not saying all their dishes are horrendous. Our taste buds are different after all, and unfortunately, my taste buds weren't tickled by Juan Carlo the Caterer's offerings. But still, it never hurts to pay them a visit and try their dishes yourself. They might actually be your "this-is-it" caterer! So foodtasting lang kayo ng foodtasting!

P.S. Thank you Juan Carlo for our free lunch. Hehehe.


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