June 19, 2013

Gown Fitting # 3: Ivory and White Part 2

After our food tasting with Juan Carlo, Mox and I went to Ivory and White to fit some more wedding gowns. This was actually my second time to visit their store. I visited their store last year with my MOH Con, but now, I brought Mox and my future brother-in-law Popong to get some guy perspective on my possible gown choices. Also, I wanted to see if I can make Mox cry, or at least get  him teary-eyed, when he sees me wearing a wedding gown. Hehe.

Apparently, their new collection arrived last February so I had a lot of new gown designs to choose from! Yey! :) But since I already knew that I looked best in a dropped waist gown, I just asked them to bring me all the dropped waist gowns that they have in the store. Hehe.

By the way, forgive the crappy pictures. Mox forgot to put the flash on so the first two pics are a bit dark.

The first gown that I fit was a champagne-colored organza mermaid gown. I was actually surprised that I looked taller in that gown. I just didn't like the frilly details on my bustline because it hides my small chest. As if it already needs some hiding. Haha!

Valerie - P29,000
The next gown is a strapless fit-to-flare gown. The fit was okay, but I guess I want a more structured bottom. Parang nawalan ako ng legs dito eh. And wow, was this gown heavy!

Roselle - P29,000
Then I wore a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline and a ruffled skirt. I love this gown! The ruffles were not that big, so they didn't overwhelm my short body. Sasabihin ko sana petite, kaso masyado akong huggable para maging petite! Haha! Although, since the gown would be altered to fit my height, then I guess they would have to shorten the skirt right? So would that alter the overall look of the gown? Hmmm... That I do not know. Still, I really love this gown! Hehe.

Sabine - P29,000
Then I wore a soft satin gown with a sweetheart neckline and beading. Because the first three gowns were made with layers and layers of tulle and organza, they were actually very heavy to wear. But this gown was so soft and light, even with its petticoat on. It was just so easy to move in this gown; I can imagine myself dancing the night away wearing this. My chosen gown peg actually looks very similar to this design, except its crystal accent lies on the waist itself. I just didn't like the shiny satin used for this gown, but hey, I'm glad that it looks great on me. My friends were actually torn between this gown and the previous one. Hehe.

The last gown that I fit was a strapless satin gown with a pleated bodice. The waist was not as dropped as I wanted it to be, but surprisingly, it still made me look taller and tinner! The fabric was not as shiny as the previous gown, so I'm pretty happy about that. This was actually Mox's favorite gown; he was practically begging me to buy it on the spot! Haha!

Mirabelle - P23,000
If you would buy a gown from Ivory and White, you would get a free 5 yard veil, as well as a free rental of the dress form. I even wore a veil while fitting the last gown just so I could see the effect, but I didn't take any pictures of it though.

It was a really fun experience fitting all those gowns, especially since all of the gowns now fit me! Ibig sabihin pumayat ako! Yey! Hehe. Too bad I wasn't able to make Mox cry. Hmp. I swear, pag di siya umiyak, lagot siya sa akin. Haha!



  1. Hi girl I enjoy reading your fitting experience with Ivory and white. My sister and I are going here this morning and already made an appointment. They are replying through text very nicely. We're you able to buy from them? Nagcacanvas pa lang kasi kami. Ok lang ba sa kanila magsulat sukat lang?

  2. Hi sis! Nope, I didn't get my gown from them. Pero okay lang naman magsukat-sukat lang dun. Sanay naman sila. :) Saka ang saya lang ng experience! hehe! :) Have fun sis! :)

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