June 9, 2013

Our Monogram and WYB Cards by My Sassy Art

This is actually a super late post because I got my monogram and Will-You-Be cards from My Sassy Art way back in February pa. Hehe.

Just a little backstory, I tried my hand in making our monogram on my own even though I am not a Photoshop expert. The result? Well, this montrosity happened. Haha! I thought it looked pretty then, but now, it looked as though a five-year-old made it. I swear, ang pangit niya! Haha!

So I got Charm of My Sassy Art to do my monogram, as well as my WYB cards for my female entourage. Charm is a former W@Wie who used to do monograms and other graphics for free, until she decided to make it a business. :)

I didn't have any particular pegs in mind for my monogram and WYB cards. As long as they have our wedding colors (turquoise, tangerine orange and white), and feature our wedding theme (beach), then I'm okay with that.  My only request was the layouts must have a casual, summery feel to them. I don't want designs that are formal and elegant; I want them fun, cheery and bright! :)

And so, Charm gave me these choices for our monogram:

I love all designs! Everything was so cute! :) Mox and I were actually torn between the first and second one. Mox likes the first one, while I like the second one better. We finally made a decision, but you have to receive our invites for the wedding to find out the final monogram. Hehe.

Now for the WYB cards. These cards are usually given to the entourage members to officially ask them to be part of your wedding party. WYB cards are not really a necessity, but I just wanted to give something to my ento. Maarte lang rin talaga ako eh. Haha.

Here are Charm's designs for my WYB cards. I have one design for my secondary sponsors and I ordered another design for my maid-of-honor.

WYB Cards for Secondary Sponsors


WYB Card for Maid of Honor
Again, Charm didn't fail me. The cards are so lovely! Beach na beach ang dating! I already gave one to my cord sponsor and she loved it! I really hope the others would love theirs too. :)



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