March 31, 2014

The Last Stretch

OMG, we only have less than a month to go before our wedding day! To be exact, we only have 26 days left! I'm nervous yet excited at the same time. :)

Remember our list from our previous countdown? Well, we were able to accomplish all of them in the past couple of months. Good job to us!
  • Finalize our ento list. - We were finally able to finalize not just our ento list, but also our liturgical participants for the mass. We already notified them about their roles so they won't be surprised during
  • Finalize our Principal Sponsors. - My mother already told our chosen principal sponsors about our wedding, and luckily all of them accepted our invitation.
  • Complete wedding documents. - We finally fixed all problems in our baptismal and confirmation certificates, so everything was a-OK. In fact, submitted all the necessary documents to Ms. Dodo yesterday.
  • Have canonical interview. -We finished this last January 23. It was just a short interview; nothing to be worried about.
  • File for marriage license. - We got our marriage license 11 days after we applied in Marikina.
  • Finalize gown design for MIL. -We originally wanted to get Paolo Blanco to do my MIL's gown, but since he wasn't replying to any of my messages, we had to look for an alternative. Luckily, we found Ven Ocampo. Mox was the one who did all the transactions with her. She said the beadings on the gown are almost complete and she will deliver the gown next week.
  • Renew passport. - I renewed my passport at the DFA office in SM Megamall. Finally, I now have a passport picture that looks okay. Haha.

Aside from those mentioned above, we were also able to cross out these tasks from our list.
  •  Attend the pre-cana seminar. - We attended the two-day seminar at Christ the King Church last February 8 to 9. We had a lot of fun during the seminar, even though it took great effort for us to wake up so early in the morning.
  •  First and second fitting of my bridal gown. - I was really looking forward to fitting my gown, and Gretchen did not disappoint me. Even though my gown is still unfinished, I could tell it will be beautiful! I just love it! Best part of all, Gretchen told me I lost weight. Yey!
  • First fitting of Mox's suit. - Mox had his measurements taken by Emil during one of the bridal fairs. Three weeks after, his suit was ready for fitting. Ang bilis diba? Mox upgraded his suit because he fell in love with this shiny grey suit that he saw in Emil's booth during the bridal fair.
  • Meeting with OTD. - Mox and I met with Thoffy last February to discuss the suppliers that we booked. We also created a draft program for the reception just so we can have an idea on how many prizes we should buy.
  • Final food tasting with Purpledish - We had our final food tasting with Purpledish to determine our menu for the wedding. Syempre, busog lusog nanaman kami ni Mox.
  • Detailing with Purpledish - Aside from our final food tasting, we also had our detailing with Purpledish. I was not so sure what to ask during our detailing, but luckily, our coordinator there to help us during the meeting. I also had some powerpoint presentations that my W@Wie friends sent me as references. After the detailing, I created my own presentation, which I then emailed to my AE. OC kung OC.
  • Meet with Composed Band. - We also met with Dianne of Composed Band to create our song list for the wedding. I also asked Wil, Mox's best man, to come along because he is more knowledgeable when it comes to music since he is also part of a band. We even requested them to play for us during the after party!
  • Buy barongs for Mox's family. - At first, we thought of buying RTW for Mox's family, but then we decided to have them custom-made. So Mox contacted Rey Casedo to have him make the barongs for his family. After two weeks, Mang Rey delivered the barongs. Ang bilis!
  • Do all layouts for the wedding stationery. - Mox was finally able to finish all the layouts for the menu cards, place cards, missalette covers, table number and invitations. Now all we have to do is print them.
  • Buy PS souvenirs. - This was originally not part of our budget, but we decided to give our ninongs and ninangs a little token of appreciation so we tried searching for affordable gifts. We attended the Themes and Motifs bridal fair and found a supplier of non-alcoholic fruit wines. Mox loved the taste of the wine so we immediately bought a dozen, of which eight will be given to the PS, while the remaining four will be used during the ceremonial toast.
  • Distribute invitations. - Yes, we finally distributed the invites! In fact, we were able to create a draft of our final guest list because we put our RSVP date a month before our wedding. Most of our guests were able to give their response during this time so we already had an idea on our initial headcount. I'll confirm with our guests about their attendance two weeks before the wedding just in case they'll change their mind.

 So for our last month of preps, here are the things that we still need to do.
  • Buy offertory items.
  • Buy wedding accessories
  • Buy prizes for games
  • Print missalettes, madlib cards and place cards
  • Pack giveaways
  • Buy lingerie for couple's boudoir.
  • Handover meeting with OTD
  • Practice for first dance
Whew! We can do this! Last stretch baby!


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