March 17, 2014

Our Love Story ♥

Remember when I told you that you have to wait for our wedding to see our whole prenup video? Well, looks like I failed the marshmallow test. I just couldn't wait until our wedding to show you our video, so I'm sharing it to you now! Sorry naman. Talagang na-low EQ ako.

I just love how the video captures our love story perfectly, and it has that whole romantic-comedy vibe that we wanted. Pacute na kung pacute, but we want the viewers to laugh and smile whenever they watch our video. And many of our friends did tell us that they really felt our kilig when they saw our video. So kudos to Aisle 1401 for a job well done! :)

Of course, I also want to thank my fiance for being game during the filming of the vide, and for being the best actor ever! Effortless na effortless talaga ang acting mo. Also, thank you to my best friend Wil, who is also Mox's best man in our wedding, for appearing as an extra in our video.  Ikaw na ang best supporting actor! :)

Mox and Nat's Love Story from Aisle 1401 on Vimeo.


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