March 6, 2014

DIY: Wedding Invitations

Most soon-to-wed couples tend to DIY their wedding invitations, and Mox and I were no exception. We plan to create our own invitation just so we can save on printing costs. Most invitation suppliers have a minimum requirement for their printing—about 50 to 100 pieces—and I don't think we would need that many invites. Gastos na nga sa papel, gastos pa sa pera. Plus, we want to put our own spin on our invite to make sure it reflects our theme, so DIY was the only way to go. :)

Since Mox is the Photoshop expert, we decided that he would be the one in charge of all our stationery needs. Since our wedding theme is summer/beach, we wanted our invites to be colorful and fun! No fancy embossings or formal calligraphy please. 

Our wedding invite is a single-fold card printed back-to-back. The main invitation details and other wedding info were on the front and back pages, respectively, while the entourage page was printed on the inside. Mox also decided to do avatars for each entourage member, which was a cute touch. Hehe.

Then we printed our map insert on a single page.

Our invites were larger than the usual invitations so we had a difficult time searching for the right envelope. Then I found brown 6x9 catalog envelopes. The size was perfect, and the envelopes were inexpensive too! It was a win-win buy. :) But I suggest that you find the perfect envelope first, then adjust your layout based on the envelope size, instead of the other way around. Mox didn't want to adjust his layout so we had to look for an envelope that would fit an 8x13 card folded into half. It was a bit of a challenge, so please do not follow us. Haha!

We were inspired by Aweng and Thessa's wedding invitation, so we decided to do ours just like them. We printed our monogram on sticker paper, created some tags then decided to tie our invites together with some jute strings. I heard that you can buy four rolls of jute strings at Japan Home Center for only P66, but luckily, I found one roll among the art supplies of my brother, so I didn't have to buy one. Yey, bawas gastos ulit!

Time to put things together
Here are our finished invites! :)

Ready for distribution
Here is the breakdown of all the materials that we used for our invitation.

We spent less than P2,000 for 40 invites, which means that the cost per invite falls at only P46! Not bad right? We spent a lot on printer ink because our invites are fully colored, but at least we can still use the leftover ink to print other stationeries like our missalette covers, table numbers, etc.

I am so proud of Mox because he was in charge of everything! He did the layout, printed the invites and cut them out himself! Good job baby. :)

Now, let's hope all our invited guests would RSVP before the deadline! Cross your fingers guys.



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