January 16, 2014

100 Days To Go!

Today marks our 100-day countdown. Can't believe we have a little over three months to go before our big day. Nakakatense!

We have made major progress in our preps since the start of the year. We did our prenup photo shoot, secured some of the required wedding documents, and even finalized the layout of our invitations. But I'm feeling the pressure now because I've seen our checklist and there are still a lot of things to do! Waaah!

Here are some of the items that need to be checked off our list before the month ends:
  • Finalize our ento list. - We have already made several changes in our line-up because some of our chosen entourage in abroad still can't say whether or not they could come home for our wedding.
  • Finalize our Principal Sponsors. - This is actually one of the more difficult tasks because we are having a hard time choosing our principal sponsors! Konti lang kasi talaga yung kaclose namin  na pwede eh. But we already have some names in mind, so we just have to ask them if they're willing to be our ninong and ninang.
  • Complete wedding documents. - We already secured our baptismal and confirmation certificates. We plan to pass them this Saturday before our canonical interview.
  • Have canonical interview. - We are scheduled to have our canonical interview on January 23. I don't know what to expect so I guess I have to review my old C.L.E. notes in case the priest will ask us about the 10 Commandments or the Sacraments.
  • File for marriage license. - We need to secure Mox's cedula first, but afterwards, we will go to the Marikina City Hall to file for our marriage license.
  • Finalize gown design for MIL. - We have to go to Paolo Blanco to finalize the design of my mother-in-law's gown. She'll have her measurements taken by a seamstress in La Union, and will just send them to me.
  • Renew passport. - My passport expires in December, but I have to renew my passport before our honeymoon in June or else I wouldn't be allow to travel.

Now here is our schedule for the next month:

First fitting of bridal gownFirst week of February 2014
Pre-cana seminarFirst week of February 2014 (February 8-9)
Meeting with OTDFirst or second week of February 2014
Detailing with catererFirst or second week of February 2014
Measurement taking for groom's suitSecond week of February 2014
Buy barongs and flower girl dress for entoSecond week of February 2014
Create song list and meet with Composed BandThird week of February 2014
Do all DIYS and other stationaries (menu card, place card, etc.)Third week of February 2014
Distribute invitationsFourth week of February 2014

Whew! I predict that the next months will be very, very busy. We can do this!



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