April 26, 2013

Let the One Year Countdown Begin!

After almost 1.5 years of waiting, we have finally reached the last 12 months of our wedding preps! :)

The road to our one-year countdown was a bumpy one; we had a few ups and downs, with lots of arguments in between. Haha! Still, I am happy with what we have accomplished. Imagine, we still have one year to prepare, and yet we have already booked most, if not all, of our major suppliers. We even did one prenup shoot and I had not one, but two boudoir shoots! :)

So we're taking things slow for now. We still have some suppliers to book, DIY projects to make and a few details to be finalized, but we are not in a hurry to do these things. After more than a year of rushing to do wedding preps, I guess it's time now to just relax and enjoy everything, especially since Mox has finally came to his senses and would now help me in our wedding preps. Haha!

Right now, the next thing in our agenda is to have Mox finalize his guest list. He has the difficult task of trimming down his guests to only about 90. Good luck na lang sa kanya. Gusto niya kasi imbitahan ang buong mundo eh. Haha! In the meantime, I have scheduled an appointment for tomorrow to fit some gowns in Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique just to see which silhouette best fits me. Can't wait for that! :)


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