April 7, 2013

Boudoir Take Two

After almost a month of waiting, we finally got our pictures from Boudoir Le Blanc! Whee! :)

This time, I only got 50 photos out of the possibly hundreds that were taken during our shoot. These 50 photos were all edited and are supposedly the best out of the bunch. Still, I would have preferred to receive ALL of our photos, raw and edited. Some of the chosen photos were not to my likingnot because the pictures weren't good, but because I hated the way that I look! Ang awkward tignan!

I'll probably find better photos in the rest of the pile, but since we don't have the raw pics, we have to make do with the chosen 50. We could get a copy of all edited photos, but that would cost an extra P5,000! So obviously, that's a NO. Haha!

Nevertheless, I still love my pictures! The editing was super flawless. Ibang level talaga ang Digital Belo kasi lumiit ang braso ko! Plus, I looked so sultry, seductive and sexy without being too bastusin. In short, pwede na akong maging Victoria's Secret model. Haha! Feelingerang palaka lang ang peg.

Here are three of my favorite pictures in my album. I haven't shown this to Mox though, so let's just hope he wouldn't read my blog this time. Hehe!


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