September 1, 2012

Musings of a Sister-less Bride

When I was younger, I used to pray to God (and even wrote to Santa Claus) for a younger sister. I grew up in a male-dominated household, so I was always looking for a female influence in my life. I wanted someone whom I can relate to, especially when it comes to stuff that only a girl can understand. After all, I could only take this much testosterone for so long. Luckily, my girlfriends were there to help me keep in touch with my feminine side.

But now that I'm getting married, I'm slowly feeling the void of having no sister again. Seeing brides and their sisters makes me wish that I also have a one who would support me all throughout the wedding preparations. I'm jealous of those brides because they have an instant wedding buddy who can accompany them to bridal fairs, food tastings, gown fittings or anything that is wedding-related. Me? I have to rack my brains just to think of someone who can accompany me to these stuff. Oftentimes, if I could not get my fiance to join me, I would go to these events alone. I could not expect my MOH or my bridesmaids to drop everything they're doing just to accompany me because they're not yet as enthusiastic about this wedding as I am. Sabi pa nga nila, masyado daw akong maagang nagpaplano. It's the usual mantra all over again.

Sometimes, I do get lonely whenever I think about this because planning a wedding is supposed to be the ultimate girl bonding thing, and yet I don't have anyone to share it with. For this month, I have three wedding-related events to attend to—Hizon's grand food tasting, Themes & Motif bridal fair, and gown fittings at the Ivory & White bridal shop—and I don't know anyone who can come with me to these events. Mox is out of the question because he's too busy and stressed over work to think about our wedding, and while I could ask Jocco to go with me to the food tasting, he'd probably wouldn't want to go to the bridal fair afterwards. As for the gown fitting, I already asked my mom to accompany me, but she's not sure though if she's free on the day of my appointment. :(

Hay, oh how I wish I have a sister.

They're kinda annoying, but I envy their sisterhood.


  1. Cheer up! Atleast you have Jocco. Me, I don't have any sibling. Haha. :)

    1. Thanks Tine! I can easily bribe Jocco to go with me to food tastings kasi he likes free food. Haha! :)

      Siguro naiingit lang ako sa iba, kasi dami nilang pwedeng hinggan ng opinions, especially when it comes to girly stuff like gowns, etc. Mox kasi would always say na ako na lang bahala sa lahat, while my mom naman would always say to choose the cheapest option, regardless kung pangit service niya. haha!



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