August 27, 2012

DIY: Felt Pomanders

Finally, after more than a week of cutting, rolling and gluing felt flowers into a 7" styro ball, I finally finished one pomander ball for my maid of honor. Believe me, this really is a labor of love because I sustained a lot of burns while doing this project, including a serious one when I dropped a felt flower filled with hot glue on my inner thigh. Major OUCH Moment!

Anyway, for starters, here are the materials that I used:
  • Styro Ball (I used the 7" kind)
  • Felt Cloth (1 yard of orange felt and 1 yard of yellow felt)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun (and lots and lots of glue sticks!)

First, I cut both felt cloths into strips that are about a 12" long and 2" wide.

Then I folded each strip into half and glued them together.

Then I cut little slits into the folder part of the felt. You can be creative with how you cut your felt as this will give you variations to your flower. For example, you can do a straight cut but with narrower slits to make it look fluffier, or you can even do diagonal cuts. I did wide, straight slits because I was too lazy to cut tiny slits on the felt. Plus, my hand hurt too much because of all that cutting. Haha.

I rolled the felt cloth up while securing it with glue along the way. I then fluffed it in place so that it would resemble a mum.

Afterwards, I glued the felt flowers in a straight line around the styro ball.

I then glued more felt flowers on the opposite direction, creating four equal sections on the ball.

I filled up the sections with the remaining felt flowers, glued a white satin ribbon on the top and VIOLA! I now have an orange and yellow felt pomander.

A word of warning though: be cautious when choosing the size of your styro ball. Adding flowers to the ball makes it larger than it really is, so I think a 4" to 5" ball would be enough for handheld pomanders. I didn't know this at first, so I bought the largest styro ball in National, which is the 7". My pomander soon became the size of a volleyball. Oh well, it looked okay naman so I guess I'd stick to this size. Besides, I already bought four of these balls so I have no choice but to use them all. Haha.


  1. how much did this project cost? and did you use the whole 2 yards for 1 pomander?

    1. hi geli! I think the ball costs P42 in National tapos the felt cloth costs P180 each sa Carolina's. Yup, I used the whole two yards for the ball kasi malaki yung nabili kong styro ball. If mga 4" to 5", siguro more than enough yung two yards. :)



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