August 16, 2012

What to Wear?

It's two days before our prenup on Saturday and I'm starting to get nervous and a bit stressed. Right now, I already have two sets of clothes to wearone casual chic and one smart casualand I couldn't think of anything else to bring. I just kept on fitting on old clothes because I don't have time nor the money to shop for new clothes. After all, this is just a free prenup so as much as possible, I don't want to spend that much money. Bawiin ko na lang sa tunay na prenup. Haha!

And let's not get to what Mox will wear! Hay naku, mas lalo akong na-stestress! His wardrobe only consists of plain white Hanes shirts and polos that are too large on his body. I have to use my limited fashion sense just to come up with two sets of clothes that would look presentable enough for a photo shoot. 

I'm hoping that our two sets of clothes will be enough for the four-hour pictorial. I already discussed this with our photographers and they agreed that it would be fine naman. We have Starbucks and Timezone as our venues so we can just use one set of clothes for each venue. But still, I'm hoping that we can come up with another set just so that we would have more choices to wear.

Gah, I definitely need a stylist for our next prenup... or at least some stylish friends to get some fashion help!

I need a fashion godmother!


  1. ganyan din ginawa ko sis, naghalungkat sa baul! hehe. for my h2b, sa landmark merong matitinong long sleeves na tig 399 :) kaya niyo yan sis! hope you will both have a grand time.

    1. haha oo nga eh, ako rin naghalungkat sa baul. Puro tshirts kasi rin nasa wardrobe ko kaya ang hirap rin. haha! naku si h2b ko, inaway ko pa dahil gusto niyang mag-tsinelas na lang and shorts. haha. di bale, magpapakabongga kami sa next prenup! :P



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