August 27, 2012

Spa Time: Shui Hilot Spa

To take a break from all the wedding planning, Mox and I decided to use our vouchers from Metrodeal for Shui Hilot Spa's 90-minute Triple Combo Package. The package includes one full body "hilot", Ventosa therapy and what they call "Dagaday" foot massage.

Shui Hilot has two branches: one in Makati and one in Libis. The Libis branch is located in 186 Magnitude Building, which is right next to the Mercury Drugstore next to the entrance of Eastwood. Confusing ba? When in doubt, just Google Map it. Hehe.

The massage started with the Ventosa therapy. Four glasses with candles underneath were placed on my back. The heat from the candles created a vacuum effect, which caused my skin to be "sucked" into the glass. After sometime, the glasses were moved towards my lower back and even the upper part of my buttocks. There was a bit of pressure and a pinching feeling, especially when the glasses were moved to another location. This was actually my first time to try this type of massage, and it was pretty okay. Although I'd probably stick with my usual Swedish and Shiatsu massages, thank you very much. I guess I like hand strokes better than the cups' suction.

This was followed by the "Dagdagay" foot massage, which involves slight poking and rolling of a stick in front and on the sole of my feet, plus a leg massage. I loved every minute of it! I even fell asleep while they were massaging my foot. It was pure heaven, I tell you!

I don't have any complaints about their "hilot" either. I love how they'd try to get every "lamig" out of your body. They focused mainly on your upper back and shoulders to get all the tension out. My only wish though is that they'd put more pressure during my head massage. But overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

So what's my verdict about Shui Hilot Spa? Well, let's just say that I got two more vouchers for the Triple Combo Package, this time for me and my mom. Girl bonding na ito. Haha!

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