May 12, 2012

Rants of a Budget Bride

Our wedding day is still about two years away, but as early as now, I'm already experiencing wedding-related stress caused by budgeting problems and my overbearing mother.

My mom, younger brother and I had our food tasting with Josiah's Catering earlier today. I'll tell you more about the food tasting in a later post, but to cut a long story short, I was so tempted to book them on the spot because of the attractive package they offered me. MeAnn, my AE, told me that they currently have a promo that would allow me to lock their current price rates and even get a discount. Plus, she also offered me numerous freebies like a pasta bar, salad bar and dessert buffet with 15 kinds of desserts. Yes, you read it right: FIFTEEN DESSERTS!

However, the catch is you have to book them immediately to avail of the promo. Since I wanted to compute first whether it would still fit our budget, and Mox wasn't with us to give his opinion, I had to postpone making the decision. But after some computations, I found that we would exceed our wedding budget to almost P60,000! Even Mox was stunned by how much we would spend if we got Josiah's that he immediately voted against the idea. So there, I had to let go of my dreams of a Judy Unson cake (a freebie) and my 15 types of dessert, not because we couldn't afford it, but because we didn't want to spend this much money for a one-day event.

And then there's my mother. She can be overbearing and pakialamera at times, but I think she's now becoming a momzilla! Ever since she learned that we were planning for our wedding, she kept on giving unsolicited advice and making side comments about how much we are spending for our wedding. She couldn't believe we would spend P350,000 for the event. She thought P100,000 was more than enough! Maybe during her time, but nowadays, that would just cover the caterer's fee.

And yes, we even fought about the guest list. But unlike other moms who want to invite their amigas to the wedding, she wants us to trim down our guest list! She thinks we have too many guests at 150. Of course, 150 might seem to much for me because I have a small family and a small circle of friends, but I also have Mox to think about. Mox has a big family and wants to invite most of his close friends to our wedding. I don't want to deprive him of spending this very special day with the people he love. Respeto lang naman.

She's even meddling with our plans after the wedding! We're thinking of living in Pasig or Mandaluyong because I work in Makati and Mox works in Boni, so we want to live somewhere that is near those two locations. But my mom kept on insisting we find a place in Marikina, where I currently live, so that she would be able to take care of our future children whenever we would go to work. She's even implying that it would be for the good of everybody if I just follow her. I know she means well, but c'mon, isn't it about time that I become independent and make my own decisions? Sometimes, she can be so demanding that it's becoming annoying.

Sorry for all these rants, I just have to release all this negative energy.

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