February 25, 2013

Wedding Cake: Booked!

Our wedding cake was not a priority. In fact, I even said before that I wouldn't get a cake because I find the usual three-tiered cakes too expensive. But then again, the parental units insisted that I must have a wedding cake because it is part of the tradition. Since I didn't want to stir any trouble with them, I just decided to find the cheapest cake possible.

I started scouting for cake suppliers that offer the most affordable cake-only rates at bridal fairs. I wasn't interested at availing their usual packages with the additional mini cakes, cupcakes and other freebies since our dessert buffet from Purpledish already consists of cakes. Baka magmukhang Oompa Loompa na ang mga bisita namin sa sobrang daming cakes. Haha!

Sadly though, most of the suppliers' rates start from P6,500 to P7,500, which was over our budget. I was actually thinking of just spending around P4,000 for our cake. Kuripot much? Hehe. Even Goldilocks offer cakes that were out of our budget range!

Then I chanced upon Hearts and Bells at the Weddings and Debuts bridal fair around two weeks ago. I've been reading great feedbacks about them from W@W for their designs, flavors and affordable rates. I plan to have a customized wedding cake that would showcase our theme, and Hearts and Bells quoted my design at only P4,000 to P6,500, depending on the diameter of the cakes. They do have a delivery charge though of P600, but it was still within our budget.

I was itching to book them already, but I wanted to wait for Mox to help me decide so I started looking for other suppliers. Then I saw Gervy's Cakes at another booth. Instead of using fondant, they use chocolate to cover their cakesdark, white and even colored chocolate! The cakes even have some chocolate fillings inside! Oh my, I was in chocolate heaven!

Gervy offered this mini cake tower, which has around 20 or 30 mini cakes on it, and a cutting cake, which is customizable to your wedding theme. It costs around P8,000, which was supposedly too expensive for us, but I thought it was too cute to resist. Haha!

Gervy's mini cake tower (taken from their Multiply site)
But when I showed it to Mox, he didn't felt the same way that I did. He didn't want a mini cake tower; what he wanted was a traditional three-layered cake. Gervy's three-tiered cakes were too expensivestarting at around P10,000 I think—so I had to let them go. Sayang.

So I went back to our original choice, Hearts and Bells. When we checked out their portfolio, we saw that they have already made several beach-themed wedding cakes, so I gave them plus points for that. So after discussing things with Mox, we decided to finally get them. Since we booked them at the wedding fair, we had a choice to either have a P10% discount or 15 pieces of cupcakes. We decided to just get the 10% discount so that it would at least cancel out the delivery charge. Hehe.

We just picked out our design from their catalog since we found the perfect beach-themed cake that also had our color motif. I won't paste the picture here though; you just have to attend our wedding to find out. :) A few more suppliers to go and we are finally done! Yey! :)

934 Alvarado Street, Binondo, Manila
242-0599 / 244-0255 


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