February 11, 2013

Backup Photographer: Booked!

A few months ago, I mentioned my dilemma on whether I should book a backup photographer or not. I decided not to have one then because I didn't see it as a necessity, only as a nice-to-have that we could do without.

But then I heard a lot of stories from fellow brides whose wedding photos were stolen, lost or corrupted. This is actually one of the situations that I hope I wouldn't encounter during our wedding... well, aside from tripping during the bridal march. Hehe. I honestly don't know what I would do if our wedding photos would be compromised. Iiyak siguro ako ng bonggang-bongga nun. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event (unless you plan to get married again), so it's almost impossible to recreate the wedding photos if they get destroyed. :(

And so, I thought hiring a backup photographer was a good idea. It slowly became a necessity for me. After all, in case something like this would happen to us (although I'm hoping that we wouldn't experience this kind of stress), at least we would still have photos from the backup photographer, right? Backup photos are better than no photos at all!

Luckily, Mox agreed to book one, so I started searching for someone who has a different style of photography from Osep&Mimi, and who would fit our budget. Then I remembered April, a former W@Wie, who recently ventured into photography with her husband Manny. They are architects by profession, but they do prenups, postnups and backup photography for weddings during weekends. And since they are just starting out, their rates are relatively affordable! :)

I checked out their porfolio and really love what I saw. Their talent is very evident in their photos, and I believe they have the potential to do great in their craft. And so I emailed April for their rates, and she replied instantly. After a few exchanges of emails, I then told her we would book them for our wedding. It was a very quick transaction! April even told me that she was surprised I made a decision right away. Ganun talaga pag excited eh. Haha!

And once I deposit my downpayment tomorrow, I will officially be one of their happy brides. Yey! :)
Here are some of my favorite photos from their portfolio. :) For more of their works, check out their website. :)




  1. Cool! A good photographer is a priority item in any wedding! So glad you found yours! :)

  2. Hi Nat! Wow Im here! Glad that u were able to book Manny&April. They are really really good! Make sure to meet them before your wedding, they are the nicest!:)

    1. Hi Jen! Yup, I really love this photo of yours kasi... So pretty! :)

      I met them last Saturday during Aiza's wedding and they're really very nice! :D Although I converted our backup package into a couple's boudoir/postnup package kasi request ni h2b yun. Hehe. But still, can't wait for our pics! :D



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