February 12, 2013

Let the Cooking Adventures Begin!

I'm the only girl in the family, but I am hopeless in the kitchen. Even my brothers could cook better than me! This actually drives my mom crazy because she believes it's the woman's responsibility to prepare the meals of the family. The only things that I could cook are hotdogs and instant noodles, and I could still mess those things up! Waley na waley ang cooking skills ko.

But since I'll be getting married soon, I must increase my limited knowledge and skills in cooking. Nakakahiya naman kasi kay Mox kung siya pa paglulutuin ko. And so, with the help of Mox and some video tutorials from the Internet, I decided to try to cook a very simple meal: Adobong Sitaw.

I won't go into details of what I did since I just followed the recipe here. But I'm so proud of the finished product that I thought it deserved an Instagram photo. Haha.

It looks beautiful! What's even better, it's actually edible! Haha! In fact, it's downright delicious! Call me arrogant, but this was way better than the pork sinigang that I cooked before, which was so spicy it made my eyes water. Haha! Epic fail talaga.

I want to give a special shoutout to Mox for having the patience to teach me all these stuff! Looking forward to another cooking lesson with you soon. :)


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