January 20, 2014

Save the Date!

This may sound cheesy, but I can't help but feel so happy with my groom. He's finally showing initiative on our wedding preps. Nakakakilig pala yung ganun. Haha!

You see, Mox is in charge of the layouts for all stationery needs, such as our invites, missalettes, souvenir tags and the like. He already finished the layout of the invites, so I thought he would just wait for my instructions before starting with the other designs. But I was surprised that he actually made a Save-the-Date card even though we weren't planning on giving one. Natuwa ata siya masyado sa kaka-design eh.

So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our Save-the-Date card made by my wonderful fiance. See how cute it is? :)


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