January 29, 2014

Attending the Pre-Marriage Counseling

Early Monday morning, Mox and I headed to the Marikina Health Office to attend our pre-marriage counseling, which is a prerequisite to claim our marriage license. We only had a half-day session, so there were some topics that weren't discussed in detail, but we still learned a lot from our speaker.

Honestly, I was so sleepy during the first half of the talk that I couldn't really remember much on the topic that was discussed. But I was awake during the most important part of the counseling: the family planning seminar! Haha! Everyone knows that Mox and I want to have a baby as soon as we get married, so all the ideas that we could get about family planning will be very helpful.

We learned about the different methods of contraception, from the natural method to the condoms, IUDs and injectables. The speaker even helped us calculate our possible "fertile" days, which can depend on the length of our menstrual cycle.

But one important tidbit that we learned was how to have a baby boy or baby girl. Yes, apparently you can have a say on your baby's sex, if based on this scientific explanation.  You see, the male carries the chromosomes that can determine the sex of the baby. The female chromosome swims slowly but can live for three to five days, while the male chromosome swims faster, but can die after only 24 hours. Now the female egg also lives for only 24 hours, so if you want to have a baby girl, you may have intercourse a few days before your ovulation period. If you have intercourse a day before your ovulation, then the chances of having a baby boy are higher. Ang galing diba? Of course, we're not entirely sure if this is reliable information, but there's no harm in trying right?

After the counseling, we were finally handed our pre-marriage counseling certificate. So now, we just have to wait for February 3 to get our license. Yey!

Our Pre-Marriage Counseling Certificate



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