November 19, 2013

Kudos to Our Freenup Suppliers Part 2

I received our freenup pictures from Chasing Tales around three weeks ago, but with the recent devastation of Visayas due to typhoon Yolanda, I felt it was inappropriate to share our pics to you. But maybe it's now time to give credit to our wonderful suppliers who made our second freenup experience a success. :)

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Chasing Tales Photography
Peso Power: Free!
Contact Details:
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I actually thought that Wale was a boy during our exchange of emails, so during our freenup, I immediately introduced myself to the only boy in their team. Well, I was wrong. It turned out that Wale was a slim, boyish GIRL. Haha! Nakakahiya!

Our winning entry for their contest was to have our freenup taken at an amusement park, where we would play games and be carefree and playful. However, I decided to change concepts because I felt that it would be too costly to shoot in Star City or Enchanted Kingdom. Luckily, Wale and the rest of the team still allowed us to retain our prize even though we had a totally different concept in mind.

The group certainly has potential. Their pictures were able to capture the vivid and bright colors of the graffiti surrounding our venue, but I particularly love their dramatic black and white images. Those pictures actually have a sort of photo-journalistic feel to them. Ang ganda talaga!

So why only 3.5? No, it's not that they weren't good. I just feel that they still have a lot of room for improvement. :) They are practically newbies in the wedding industry so they still have a lot to learn in directing couples how to pose. Sometimes kasi the poses that they would make us do are too common already. In fact, I have a lot of photos were we were doing the same poses all over again. Also, I was so oily in some pictures, and Wale didn't even ask my HMUA to powder my nose. Bwiset talaga na ilong yan. Haha

HMUA: Jennifer Gumban of Elitista Basement

Peso Power: P1,000 (discounted rate)
Contact Details: 0917-8052460
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I got Jen Gumban to do my hair and makeup for the freenup. Since I already booked her to be my entourage's HMUA on our wedding, I got a discount on her prenup rate. Yey to more savings! :)

She asked me how I like my hair and makeup to be for the shoot, and even asked for pegs. And sure enough, she was able to give me the looks that I wanted. :)  She's very nice and easy to talk to. Plus, she's from the same company as Mox, so you can imagine their bonding moments. Haha! Ako pa tuloy ang OP sa kanilang dalawa.

I gave her a 3.5 though because she didn't accompany us to our prenup venue, although I understand that she had to attend to some urgent matter in her office. Her assistant/hairstylist was the one who did our retouches in the venue. While I like my makeup, there were some instances when she couldn't retouch my makeup, which led to my very oily face. Also, I really didn't like that she put too much hairspray, making my hair stringy and yucky.

VENUE: Abandoned building near Betty Go Belmonte Station
Peso Power: P100 per person
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I first learned about this building from Ren, who had their freenup here with NYOI (yes, my previous freenup supplier). I've always wanted to do a photo shoot in an abandoned building, so this was the perfect venue to do our freenup. Mox also agreed to the idea because he thought it was "cool", his words, not mine. Haha.

We did our shoot at around 9am because Ren said people would usually shoot in the afternoon, usually cosplayers. Sure enough, just as we were ending our session, a group of people came by to shoot. Sakto timing namin.

Just a bit of warning though, the building is dark and smelly, with lots of dust and dog poop scattered on the floors. So if you're a bit iffy on having dirt and grime on your clothes, it's better that you look for another venue instead. Still, it's a pretty cool place to have a prenup pictorial, especially if you want something that is totally different from the usual outdoor shoot.



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