October 14, 2013

Pre-Prod Meeting with Aira Franco

Last Monday, I took a half-day leave from work to meet with Aira Franco, our prenup stylist. Our prenup is drawing near so we had to finalize our concept and think of possible outfits for our theme. I didn't have any concrete concept in mind, so I really needed Aira's help to think of something that suits our chosen venue.

It will be Aira's first time to shoot in Wawa Dam, so she's very excited about it. She kept on asking us specific questions like whether the venue has proper changing rooms or if there are other notable places in the area where we could shoot. This is so she can already envision the layouts that she would do in each spot.

Luckily I still had the pictures that I took of Wawa Dam, and as soon as she saw the big rock formations, she immediately thought of a concept that is unlike her usual bohemian layouts. And no, it's also not her "diwata/diyosa" looks either. It's something different, which is why both she and I are very excited to do the shoot. She's so excited that she sent our lookboards the same night after our meeting! Ang bilis lang! Haha!

I won't share the lookboards here yet because I want to keep an element of surprise for our prenup shoot, but here's a sneak peek of a peg that she has shown me. This may give you an idea on the overall feel of our shoot.

Can you guess our theme now? Haha! Sorry, that's the only clue that I can give you for now.

Despite the added expense, I'm really glad that we booked Aira for our prenup. She was able to think of a concept that is unique, but it also catches the overall vibe that I wanted our prenup shoot to have. While the outfits that Aira chose are not the usual outfits that  Mox and I wear every day, they still showcase our personalities somehow.  Plus, I just love how hot Mox would look in his clothes! Haha!

Now, time to go shopping! :)



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