May 23, 2013

Brunch at Maja's Home Cafe

I have been waiting for the opening of Maja's Home Cafe ever since I've heard that Ms. Maja plans to open a cafe that will serve the food that Passion Cooks is famous for. And since we couldn't afford to have Passion Cooks as our caterer, the only way for us to taste their uber-delicious dishes again is by visiting their cafe.

And so, Mox and I decided to travel to Paranaque (and pay all those toll fees) just to have brunch at Maja's Home Cafe. I was so excited that I even reserved a table for two in advance! Haha.

Albeit small, the cafe offers a quaint and homey atmosphere. After the long drive, we felt relaxed sitting at their booths with the red plush pillows while waiting for our orders. Mox even wanted to lie down and sleep! Haha! There are some cute DIY details in the restaurant, including the red paper roses on the table and the wall full of paper Star Wars troops.

The Star Wars wall :P
Red paper roses <3
And here were the food that we ordered. Prepare to drool, people.

Stark Juice (Tropical fruit juice for me; Pink lemonade for Mox)
Oriental Salad with Crispy Catfish and Tomato-Mango Salsa

Baked Prawns Thermidor
Roasted Herbed Pork with Marble Potatoes
R2D2 Cake (Chocolate Lazy Cake)
Ewok's Mango Tango (Mango Cream Pie)
Solo Panna Cotta
We were definitely satisfied with our experience at Maja's home cafe. The servings are good for one, but everything is just so rich and satisfying, that you would still be full afterwards. Plus, the prices are very affordable! Meals range from P150 to P290, with the exception of the Wagyu Rib-Eye Steak, which probably costs around P1,000. Still, sulit na sulit pa rin.

Still not convinced? Check out our smiling faces below! *This is just an excuse to post our vain pics in this blog. Hahaha*

And since we loved Maja's food so much, we even went back for the second time, but now we were with some of our W@Wie friends. Photos were taken from Cris and Tine. :)

111 A. Adela Building, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque


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