June 1, 2012

Proud Furmommy

Meet Bacon, my super-duper kulit but adorable shih tzu. I got him for my 24th birthday last year and despite the hefty price tag, I never regretted my decision one bit. I'm always in a hurry to go home because of him. He would greet me at the front door, lie down on his back and beg for a belly rub, which is his way of paglalambing. Sometimes, he would sit with me on the couch and just lay his head on my lap. Even when I'm mad at him because he's too hyperactive sometimes, he would just look at me with his puppy-dog eyes and all my anger would melt away. I swear, no one can give unconditional love better than a dog.

Wearing an Ateneo jersey ;)
Now while I'm excited to live with Mox after our wedding, I still have one apprehension about it. How can I leave this adorable bundle of joy behind? It would definitely take some time before I'd get used to not living with him anymore. :(

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