June 23, 2012

We Won a Freenup!

A few days ago, I saw that our videographer, Aisle 1401, was having a promo. They were giving away three free prenup pictorials, or freenups as they were usually called, to Aisle 1401 brides who are also W@W tag holders. And since I got mine just this month, I was eligible for the promo! Yey! :)

And so just for kicks, I emailed Anna our wedding details to join the promo. I never really expected to win because I'm really unlucky when it comes to raffles and other contests. I never seem to win on those things, not even a friggin' ballpen! Haha.

But then I saw Aisle 1401's post on Facebook this morning.

Wow! I couldn't believe that we've won! I almost screamed when I saw this. Haha! My raffle-draw curse has finally been broken!

Anyway, now I'm nervous. I don't know what to do for our freenup. I literally have nothing: no concept, no props, no outfits, no venue, no hair and makeup artist! I really don't want to spend that much because I want this freenup to be a practice run for our real prenup pictorial next year. Mox is not really comfortable in front of the camera and the only pose that I know is the peace sign. Haha! So maybe this freenup will teach us how to pose like real models in front of the camera. :)

I just want this freenup to be candid, fun and relaxed. Now I need to research on possible venues and search my closet for clothes to bring! Gah, I'm so excited! :)


  1. congrats sis! so happy for you.. =D

    1. Thanks sis! Excited and at the same time kinakabahan kami sa freenup! hehe :)



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