August 4, 2013

Designer Meeting # 2: Hana Saab Tomacruz

Since Mox agreed to increase our allotted gown budget for me to have my dream designer wedding gown,  I now have the whole month of August to set meetings with possible gown designers. Oooh, this is so exciting!

The first on the list was Hana Saab Tomacruz. I really love her dainty and feminine designs! Most of her gowns feature illusion necklines and lace bodices with appliques. I'm more into simpler bodices and a layered skirt, but her designs still tickled my girly side. Haha. (Pics were taken from Hana's website)

I emailed her my chosen peg, and sadly the price that she gave me was way over my budget. But still, I decided to meet with her to see if I can haggle her quote. Hehe. Her shop was not that difficult to find thanks to my phone's GPS. Oh yes, di na ako nagpiprint ng Google Maps. Hi-tech na ako eh. Haha!

Hana welcomed me warmly into her shop. She may seem timid and shy at first because she is very soft-spoken, but she certainly knows her craft. She asked me what kind of gown I envisioned myself wearing on my wedding day, and she sketched on the spot using a sign pen! Galing noh? This is what she came up with:

You can't see it from the sketch, but my skirt has this feathery effect instead of the usual ruffles. Hana said this can be achieved by using shredded tulle. Don't ask me what that is; I never knew that such a fabric exists. Haha. She also added some appliques to my bodice so that the waistline would not be too noticeable. At first I wanted to add some illusion overlay, but Hana didn't recommend this because it would cover up the pleated bodice. Sayang lang ang pleats diba? So she suggested to put in some straps, which can be removable for the second look.

She also made some suggestions for the fabrics for my gown. She even showed me some sample swatches so that I would know what she's talking about. She recommended tulle and lace for the bodice, and tulle for the skirt to give the gown an overall soft look. She then added a three-foot train so that I can achieve my dream photo peg: lying on the floor with layers of my skirt surrounding me. Parang nakahiga lang ako sa clouds. Haha.

We then talked about the number of fittings required (around five to six); the delivery of the gown (a day before the wedding since her team will set up the gown on the body form); and her payment terms (50% during booking and 50% upon delivery of the gown). Every thing that we talked about was written at the back of her sketch. She's really that detailed and organized.

Sadly, her quote costs more than half our budget. As much as I really wanted her to do my gown, I had to cross her out of my list. But to all those brides out there who are still looking for their gown designers, do try to visit Hana Saab Tomacruz. :)

150 L. George Street, San Juan, M.M.



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