July 8, 2013

W@W Love: Grand EB 2013

July 7, 2013 was a very memorable date for all W@Wies because we finally had a chance to meet and greet all those faces behind the emails and Facebook accounts at the W@W Grand EB! Finally, makikita ko na kayong lahat sa personal! Haha. :)

Layout by The Pretty Palette by OJ
What made this event special is that this was organized by W@Wies for the W@Wies! Yes, from the program to the prizes and decors; the W@Wies were in charge of all of that. Kulang na lang siguro, kami na yung nagluto para sa event. Haha!

Can I just say that I love the photo walls! Kudos to the Decor Committee! We know how much hard work you've put into creating the decors, and we really appreciated how it beautified the place. See how much fun we had taking photos at the photo walls? Uhhm, pwedeng mahiram talent niyo sa wedding ko? Hahaha!

Circular Pinwheels Wall
Kusudama Flowers Wall
My Little Red Riding Hood at Moki Gray's setup
The Message Booth
There were a lot of suppliers also involved in the event. There was Manny and April, Camzar and She & Him for the photography, Aisle 1401 and For You are Mine for the videography, Margarush for the drinks, and lots more!

And of course, the event was overflowing with food. Richgold provided us with some heavy cocktails for merienda, and we enjoyed the desserts/candies of Punky Porca's Box of Sweets and the cakes of Purpledish. I don't have any pictures of the food though, just their setups. Masyado siguro akong gutom. Haha!

Richgold's setup

Purpledish's dessert bar
Punky Porca's candy buffet
Some of Punky's mini cupcakes (na hindi ko nakain dahil may kumuha. Huhu)
Just a happy note, I saw a lot of our suppliers there (Manny and April, Chef Velmor, Anna of Aisle 1401), and it's so nice to see that they still recognize me. As in first-name basis talaga! In fact, even our former AE from Richgold recognized us! Sabi pa nga niya, miss na daw niya kakulitan namin ni Mox dahil lagi kami nag-aaway sa tuwing minemeet namin sila. Haha! Come to think of it, maybe that's not really a good thing because we did cancel our contract with them. Haha! Just kidding. But seriously, it's really heartwarming to learn that our suppliers still remember us from the brief meetings that we had with them, even though they have probably met so many different couples already. :)

We had a blast during the event! We love the bridal shower games, especially the pop the balloon challenge. And of course, the highlight was the impromptu "Gentleman" dance by the W@Wies with none other than Boy Kastner Santos, the W@Wie Supplier of the Year for 2011. Check out their super-fun dance here!

And yes, winners of the W@W Peer Awards were announced. Sadly, I didn't win the Blogerista award, but I am still very happy and honored to be nominated. Congratulations to the winners by the way! :)

And of course, who doesn't love freebies? I wasn't able to win in the raffle (sabi ko na nga ba malas talaga ako eh), but I was still able to bring home a bag full of goodies. The lootbag includes beauty products from Pond's, a cupcake from Chef Kiko, chocolates from Knotville Favors, yema balls by Hearts and Bells, and the W@W Commemorative Coin. We also had our photobooth picture from iFlick Photobooth. Syempre, di pwedeng mawala yun. Hehe.

Lootbag goodies :)
Ganda ng printing, in fairness
But what made this day special, aside from the loot bag and the free food, was being with all my W@Wie sisters and brothers. After months of just talking through emails and FB chats, we were able to bring our friendship to the next level. :) I want to thank Ms. Benz and Sir Abet for creating W@W, because not only were we able to prepare our dream wedding with the help of this community, but we were also able to find new friends that will surely make the next chapter of our lives more memorable. I love you my W@Wie friends! Here's to more EB's and chikahan moments with you :)

Photo from CamZar Photography


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