July 28, 2013

Ento HMUA: Booked!

My ento will be paying for their own gowns for our big day so we decided to pay for their hair and makeup as our gift to them. This would also be the perfect reason for them to go to our hotel early for the pictorials. Wala silang choice. Haha!

To pay for their hair and makeup, I added four extra heads to my package from Ms. Berny, my HMUA. The fee was P1,500 per head, which was quite expensive in terms of ento makeup, but since I wanted to have only one contact person for the hair and makeup, I got Ms. Berny's team.

But as the weeks go by (and the list of expenses got bigger), I decided to do some cost-cutting to lessen our budget. I've heard that there are a lot of makeup artists who offer cheap rates for ento makeup, so I decided to look for a cheaper alternative for my ento's HMUA.

I've heard good reviews about Diane Coles. She offers P950 per head, which was cheaper than my Ms. Berny's rate. So I messaged her in Facebook, asking if she's still available on our date. Unfortunately, she was not, so I had to look for other more options.

Then I found about Jennifer Gumban from W@W. She has one of the cheapest rates for ento makeup. Imagine, only P700 per head! Some of my W@Wie friends also vouched for her great makeup skills since she also did their makeup for their prenups. I'm not sure if I can post some of their pictures here so just check them out at Jennifer's website.

Elitista Basement by Jennifer Gumban
I only have four female ento members, excluding the principal sponsors, so if I would get Jennifer as my ento HMUA, that would mean I would only have to pay a total of P2,800 for four heads, as opposed to the P6,000 rate from Ms. Berny! Diba, ang laking savings! Of course before booking Jennifer, I had to tell Ms. Berny that I wouldn't get her team to do our ento makeup. Luckily, she allowed me to cancel the four extra heads, so now I'm free to get Jennifer as our ento HMUA! Yey! :)

Whew, another supplier checked off our list. A few more to go and we're done! :)



  1. hello sis! can I have Jennifer Gumban's contact number? :)

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