March 8, 2013

Boudoir # 2: Boudoir Le Blanc

Now on to my next boudoir shoot! This time, it was a group boudoir session with three of my W@Wie friends. We got Boudoir Le Blanc as our photographer because we were awed by the femininity and subtle sexiness of their photos. :) This was supposed to be my only boudoir session but since I felt that a one hour shoot would be too bitin, I decided to book Mad Hatter Studios for additional boudoir pictures. Hehe. Adik lang.

What's unique about Boudoir Le Blanc is that they would give clients customized wardrobe moodboards and location sets. They even have their own venue for the shoots. So you don't have to worry about finding the right clothes and accessories or booking the right hotel room; they will take care of all those little details! :)

Heather (their stylist) gave each of us a questionnaire to help her conceptualize our wardrobes and sets. I actually had a hard time answering that questionnaire because I really didn't know what I wanted. All I know was I wanted something that is sensual and yet would not show too much skin. Ang labo diba? Haha. So after reading through my answers, Heather sent me this moodboard.

Ooooh, I love the colors! This would certainly bring out my sexy side, but I would still remain sort of covered up. Sabi nga ni Aiza, parang rocker chick daw ang peg. :)

I then went out to find all the items on my list. What's funny was I already bought some lingerie on my own, even before I got my moodboard. It turned out, none of the items that I bought fit my theme. Masyado kasing excited eh. Haha! Good thing I still had a boudoir shoot with Mad Hatter so the lingerie that I got didn't go to waste.

Here are clothes and accessories that I bought for our Boudoir Le Blanc shoot. I didn't really follow the moodboard to the tee because I interchanged the color of the nightie with the underwear. But Heather said that it was okay because it still fit our theme. Yey!

Black and white polka dot nightie
White boyfriend polo
Red bra and panty
Black peep-toe platform heels
Red nail polish; red and black bangle; red ring; big, silver hoop earrings

Heather also sent us boards for our set design. I just love the minimalist styling of my set. I especially like the day bed with the canopy drapings. Nakakarelax tignan! :)

Here's the picture of my set during the boudoir shoot. Diba ang ganda? :)

I guess it helped that I already did the shoot with Mad Hatter because I didn't feel that nervous during my turn with Boudoir Le Blanc, even though my set was located downstairs where everyone could see what we were doing. I just kept on posing and posing, until Tooney finally said that it was a wrap! Honestly, I still wanted to stay and have more pictures taken. Haha! Nabitin ako talaga eh.

All in all, it was a super fun experience! More so because I spent it with my friends from W@W. :) We've been talking about this for months so it felt surreal that it was finally over.

Really had fun with these guys! :)

I can't wait for the full set of my pictures! :) In the meantime, here is a teaser pic for you. *wink*


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