July 25, 2012

Confessions of a Food Tasting Addict

Food tastings are and will always be my most favorite part of our wedding preps. It is always a delight to sample all those delectable dishes for free, take pictures of them, and blog about them like some sort of aspiring food critic. But I had to think of different ways on how to say "delicious" and "not so delicious" without sounding like a broken record. Haha!

Of course, the main point of all these food tastings is to find the perfect caterer that would fit our very limited budget. So the coming weeks are jampacked with food tastings with different caterers to see whether or not we would have the this-is-it feeling with one of them:
  • July 29, Sunday - Center Table Catering
  • July 29, Sunday - Patio de Tata  Roque
  • August 3, Friday - NE Catering
  • August 10, Friday - CVJ Catering
  • August 10, Friday - Richgold Weddings
  • August 17, Friday - Kusina ni Kambal

Ooooh, I'm so excited! Kebs na lang sa diet! Haha!

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