July 20, 2012

Budget Revisions Part 2

Our wedding is still 1 year and 9 months away, and yet I have already made some significant progress in our wedding plans. So after booking some of our major suppliers, I checked our budget plan to see whether we're still within our projected budget. Lo and behold, I had to do some revisions in our wedding budget once again. And no, I couldn't cut down on our costs this time; instead I had to increase our budget to accommodate additional expenses. Oh no!

First, I had to increase our budget for our church because we decided to book an airconditioned church instead of our original choice. Then we decided to book a nicer hotel for our wedding preps and add an extra night for after the wedding. I also included the expenses for both our prenup with Osep&Mimi and the free prenup that we've won from Aisle 1401's promo.

Here is the the total breakdown of our revised projected wedding budget:
  • Church - P20,000
  • Reception Venue - P15,000
  • Photo - P35,000
  • Video - P35,000
  • Caterer - P90,000
  • OTD Coordinator - P15,000
  • Wedding Attire - P25,000
  • Hair and Makeup - P14,000
  • Hotel for Preps - P15,000
  • Wedding Rings - P7,000
  • Stationery - P5,000
  • Flowers - FREE
  • Souvenirs - P7,000
  • Entertainment - P25,000
  • Lights and Sounds - P8,000
  • Alcohol - P5,000
  • Dessert Bar - P4,000
  • Bridal Car - FREE
  • LCD Projector and Screen - FREE
  • Prenup Pictorial with NYO Images - P5,000
  • Prenup Pictorial with Osep&Mimi - P15,000
  • Miscellaneous Fees - P25,000

I didn't include our flowers, bridal car and LCD projector and screen to our wedding budget. That's because we plan to use my blue Vios for our bridal car, while Mox has his own LCD projector and screen that we can use in the reception. These alone will save us at least P8,000! As for the flowers, I plan to make fabric flowers for all our entourage's corsages and even my bridal bouquet. The materials needed for the DIYs will be charged to my personal credit card account so that wouldn't be counted in our budget. Hehe.

We also didn't include our honeymoon into the budget plan because right now, I'm crossing my fingers that someone would shoulder our honeymoon expenses as a wedding gift. Haha! But seriously, the honeymoon is not an immediate matter as for now. We could always postpone it until we have enough savings to plan the trip.

I don't know if I'm still considered a budgeted bride considering that our projected budget is almost P400,000. All I can say is at least we have booked a photographer, videographer, OTD coordinator and HMUA that is still within our set budget. I just hope we would be able to keep up with this good fortune while we're booking the rest of our suppliers, and that our budget would not go beyond the P400,000 mark.

It's a must to stick to our wedding budget!

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