September 18, 2014

The Big C

I haven't updated this blog for such a long time now due to personal reasons. For those who know us personally, you probably know what me and my husband are going through right now.

Cancer. It was a word that used to strike fear at everyone's hearts... except for me probably. After all, I didn't know anyone personally who have this disease. I thought me and my family would be untouchable by this disease. Until last month ago, when we received the most devastating news ever.

Mox, my darling husband for five months now, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. To say that it came as a shock is an understatement. How could Mox have stomach cancer? He is practically the world's healthiest eater. Yes, he smokes and drinks occasionally, but he exercises regularly and he prefers vegetables over meat! Hello, mas malakas nga akong manigarilyo at uminom sa kanya eh! I don't even eat vegetables, even now that I'm pregnant, and yet he is the one who's stricken with the dreaded disease.

I know I have to be strong for him, especially during these trying times. Mox can be a negative thinker, especially when it comes to his health, and it's up to me to lift his spirits up. But there are times when I couldn't help but cry. Why my husband? Why now? Just when we were so happy preparing for the birth of our baby, this have to happen to us.

Sometimes I'd feel guilty because I haven't been paying too much attention to our baby as much as I want to. My OB advised us to play classical music and talk to our baby as much as possible, but the best that I could do was to just say "Good morning" to him/her because I was too busy taking care of his/her father. I really hope he/she wouldn't take it against me. I'm sorry baby; I'll do my best to be a good mother to you despite our situation now.

One thing I learned about this experience is to never take things for granted. I never really thought about how we'd spend our time together since I felt that we would have enough time to do the things we wanted to do. After all, marriage was forever right? But ever since this cancer ordeal, we now know that every moment that we spend together is precious. Every day that I'd wake up beside him is a blessing, and I never fail to let him know that.

My dear readers, I don't know you personally, but I just want to ask a favor from all of you. Please do keep on praying for my husband's speedy recovery. I believe that with your prayers by our side, nothing will be impossible. Also, please pray to give us strength, strength to fight this battle, as well as strength to accept whatever plans that God has made for us.

Thank you.



  1. Will be praying for your you and your family sis.

  2. Thank you for your very informative and entertaining food tasting posts.

    I'm praying for you and your family, may you and yiur husband continue to be strong and comforted by our Father's healing hands.

  3. Dear Nat
    I'm a new reader of your blog and i'm so sorry about this news. You have a wonderful blog, a wonderful love story and a wonderful journey towards married life. I hope and pray that your husband will get well soon. God bless your family.

  4. Prayers for your family <3. Keep the faith and hoping for the best

  5. Hi sis,

    You know nman na I'm just an FB away diba? ^o^ Always praying for Mox, you and the baby as well. Kaya yan! Kayang kaya!

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